Terms of Sale



  • STUDIO BELETA retains the right to cancel, modify or suspend the sale if circumstances beyond our control, such as fire, flood, storms, landslides, riots, hostilities, unavailability of materials and any other factors unrelated to our commitment. STUDIO BELETA does not support the negative situations that this causes.


  • STUDIO BELETA reserves the right to modify the price and is protected against price increases for reasons of increase of the tariffs of the distributor, new taxes, conversions currencies or similar situations.


  • STUDIO BELETA is committed to show the colours of the products in the most realistic way possible. In any case, given the differences between the digital reproduction and the different browsers, we cannot guarantee the exact definition of the colour. Remember that the colour you see on the screen may differ slightly from the product ordered. No refunds will be accepted by this reason.



After-sales service


  • After receiving the goods have a period of 24 hours to claim. Send photograph by e-mail. Without photographs we cannot process the incident. After that time, we do not take responsibility.


  • All shipments are made under a comprehensive insurance that is valid until 24 hours after delivery.


  • Returns must be made in the original packaging and have not been assembled or used. At the moment of receiving them and after being checked, they will be paid.


  • For any return that does not have as cause flaw or error of STUDIO BELETA, return postage will be borne by the customer. It is essential that it be returned under the same conditions that the delivery has been made, otherwise the item cannot be returned. * Any damage will be returned at no cost by the customer, in the case of not wanting the replacement, all collection and shipping costs are borne by the customer.


  • All the articles on the website have measurements and colours that give an approximation of the reality but are not 100% reliable, for specific cases, verify all the information with the technical department, since in the returns for technical reasons of this type, the expenses will be borne by the customer.


  • To fully or partially refund or cancel the order once it has been received, you will be penalized with 20% of the total invoice for management, as well as the postage and return will be billed. It is essential to do so with the original packaging and without having been assembled or used.


  • The merchandise is the property of STUDIO BELETA until the total payment has been made.


  • STUDIO BELETA is not responsible for the delays that may occur in summer times due to the rest in the factories, although this possibility will be informed in each case when placing the order.


  • As a general rule, postage is always at the customer's expense. We can manage transportation. Deliveries that cannot be made due to access difficulties will be borne by the customer both the outbound and return. They must notify any detail to facilitate delivery. Prices do not include assembly for items that require it. The standard transport service for furniture does not include home delivery; It is at street level. You can request a budget for this service as well as assembly. The material is delivered completely packed and protected inside its box. If for any reason you order the unpacking of the same before its final destination, any damage caused will be out of our responsibility. The delivery times shown on the website are indicative. STUDIO BELETA is not responsible for delays caused, since it is an external service, any claim must be made directly to the transport company, since at the time of purchase you hire that service outside our competence.


  • Before buying a vintage piece, please contact STUDIO BELETA to ensure that the product is still available.

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